I want 5 or more from this rhetoric devices

Five more more rhtorical devices like simile ,metaphora ,proper nouns, Alliteration ,short powerful sentance ,sensory details .descriptive word,rhetorical question and purposeful repetition. . Found from this paragraph

From the talk and the arguments presented by Chimamanda, I agree with what she says about a single story about a group of people, and how it can leave a wrong impression for years. Over the years, Mexicans have been presented in popular media like a group of people whose only intention is to harm America. Despite owning sixty percent of world’s natural resources, Africans are seen as a bunch of poor people waiting to be saved from the catastrophes which have befallen them largely due to the views that have been published about them. Who will ever tell the full story? How will people ever get to know all the stories of others? Why are we so focused on publishing only a single story severally rather than getting all sides of others? These are the questions which I believe Chimamanda had to contend with before giving her presentation. Despite being Nigerian all that Chimamanda heard about Fide relates to poverty and being unable to afford food, until she gets to visit and learn something new about them. Chimamanda clearly explains the danger of a single story and does it exceptionally. It’s wrong to think that what we know about others is all that makes up them; rather, a lot need to be understood about others before we can tell their whole story. From the presentation, Chimamanda makes a true argument about the misconceptions that have been published about others and does it.

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