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Managerial issues of a networked organization

Every success of network organization depends on effective management. Effective management helps in reducing risks that are related with the organization techniques.
Article 1

The Strategic Management of Networks. Strategic management strategic management of a network organization describes the managerial choice and activities in a way that the network supervision proposes what needs to be done and how it should be done (Hill, 2012). The article describes the strategies that every network organization requires in order to achieve success and also help other organization who are part the network to make their own strategies (Hill, 2012).

Article 2

The implications of the networked and open existence of the service business on measuring performance (Pekkola, 2013). Measuring performance of a service system brings measurement report from the performance of individual actors; the customer perceived performance and the internal efficiency of a network of service functions. This article gives the verified evidence about the plan and implementation of measuring performance of a service system. It gives guidance on overcoming known measurement challenges which affect data, roles and customer-related influence (Pekkola, 2013).

The two topics of the articles are related. In the first article Strategic management of Networks explains the reaction to the existing changing situations and emerging trends in the advancement of network organization. In the second article measuring performance of a service system from organization to customers-perceived performance there is discussion on implications of the networked service system on performance measurement (Pekkola, 2013). Therefore, the two articles relate in such a way that Network organizations require Strategic Management to improve its performance. However, the network organizations need to also have a strategy on measuring performance in its service system during networking (Pekkola, 2013).

Information that is relevant from the two articles is that strategic management and measuring performance plays a role in achieving success of an organization. This is because it allows the network and its users to achieve success and lead in their relevant industry through its strategies and evaluation.

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