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Net Neutrality:

It is the principle where Internet service providers (ISP) such as Comcast and Verizon must treat all data that travels over their network equally no matter what the source is, its type or destination. In Net Neutrality, the service providers are not permitted to block net traffic, speed up, slow down or favor any app, services or sites. This principle was created by Federal Communication Commission (FCC) on 2015.

Article discusses on how students, teachers and other school faculties are benefitted from net neutrality wherein there is equal access to all resources, educational materials for learning. It also debates on the risks involved if net neutrality is being revoked.

How net neutrality will affect data networks and the availability of information to businesses

If the net neutrality is repealed, then the service providers would start bundling the packages and will only have option for accessing Facebook or Twitter and if you want both we will have to pay extra for the package. With paid prioritization fast lanes could be booked by big organizations or affluent people. It might affect the small business owners too. There are many challenges that organizations may face if net neutrality is revoked. Recently, some rules were prohibited by FCC such as blocking, throttling and paid prioritization. The service providers are free to block sites, slow down the transmission and create fast lanes for premium users.

Do you believe net neutrality will lead to IT efficiency? Why or Why not?

According to me it could lead to IT efficiency. Nowadays, functionality of the internet is slowed down because of excess of data from social media and YouTube. This might also stop downloading of illegal content on some sites like torrents.

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