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Data visualization is the concept of representing coherent data/information in a visual form. This visual representation of data is achieved via multiple tools. Some of the most common tools are bar charts, pie charts, heat maps, pivot tables and graphs, geographic maps, sensitivity charts, etc. Some of the modern tools also allow user interaction which enables the viewer to manipulate the parameters on the visual tools to change and reflect the chosen relevant data. This helps users to view the pattern/trend and make decisions based on the data that matters.

As an IT manager, communicating IT information to other departments can be a huge challenge considering the technical terms, language, and length of the information that needs to be communicated. Often, employees tend to overlook the IT information presented in long texts that bear an extensive amount of technical terms. Using data visualization tools such as the ones mentioned above, an IT manager can convey complex information such as patterns, trends and highlight important information for other departments.

Geographical Information Systems is a tool that can gather, store and analyze data based on geographical locations. This system also allows user interaction that makes it more useful and informational. By default, GIS allows visualization of geographical data and can convey events occurring across several locations. The innovative techniques of visualization that a GIS offers such as 3D spatial graphs sets is apart from other visualization tools. As an IT manager, one can take advantage of the special features if GIS to communicate location-based messages to other departments. For example, when security threats are detected, an IT manager can send a GIS report to other departments to show what location is affected and the what systems that are under attack. This is a very effective method to get the message across and can potentially avoid several IT mishaps.

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