Impact Of Educational Evidence-based Intervention On Patients

Integrating patient values and preferences
Main point and purpose
Evidence-based practice usually requires a team within an organization. See page 423 in your textbook. After you have critiqued the articles, the team will synthesize the research and make a recommendation. See pages 427-428 in your textbook.
However, sometimes you review the evidence by yourself and decide to recommend something for a specific client. Or, you’ve read an evidence-based practice guideline (see pages 226-227) and you want to implement some of the recommendations for you home care clients. How do you integrate your decision or the guideline with patient and family values and preferences?
Pattern and procedure
Read the example on patient preferences and values in the Readings and Resources (Smith & Carey, 2013). Review the definition of patient centered care on page 443 in your textbook.
Decide on an intervention supported by evidence that you would like to implement for a client. This could be the intervention from your critical appraisal article. However, not all of you have an article which involves an intervention. Therefore, use the aromatherapy intervention, or the music therapy intervention from the systematic review, or an intervention you know that has been shown to be effective.
Assume you are working with one client or a family so that you can be specific on how you will incorporate their values and preferences.
In the first paragraph, introduce your client, their problem, and the proposed intervention which you have assessed as being evidence-based.
In the next paragraph, describe how you would assess their preferences and values about the proposed intervention. What questions would you ask?
Next, describe how you would introduce the intervention and think of some objections that the client or family might have. Describe some of these objections.
How would you respond to their objections? What changes would you make to your original intervention? How would you monitor the outcomes?
You can incorporate any types of motivational interviewing or therapeutic communication strategies to elicit your clients values and preferences and to help your client accept the final solution.
You may use an example from your experience.
Include a separate reference page with any articles in APA format, if necessary.
Standards and criteria
The product for this assignment will be a one-to-two-page, double-spaced paper with a reference list. You will need to give the reference of the article that supports your evidence-based practice.
Introduction of client and scenario – 2 pts
Assessment method or questions to ascertain values and preferences – 3 pts
Plan to tailor the evidence-based practice change to the client – 3 pts
Responses to his/her/their objections – 2 pts
Conclusion – 1 pts
Grammar, spelling – 2 pts
Appropriate in-text citations, reference list citations, and headings (if used) – 2 pts

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