Impacts of Social Media Addiction to Social Life Research Project

For the research paper, you will identify a major issue related to addiction or compassion. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, those below:

  • How does an addiction to social media (or any other addiction) impact relationships with family?
  • What are the causes and effects of one becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs?
  • A lack of compassion can be tied to violence and low-esteem – Is this true?
  • Is having compassion essential for success? Why or Why not?

Research Proposal

Select a topic or issue related to addiction or compassion that you want to know more about. In your proposal explain the basic background information about the topic, what is at stake, and why it is worthwhile to research and write about the topic. Remember to focus not on your personal interest in the topic but on why readers should care about it.

Working Bibliography

A working bibliography is a list of sources you have found that are potential works to use in your reach paper. The working bibliography needs to contain at least 10 entries (book chapters, journal articles, reliable websites, etc.). You may not use all of the sources in the final paper but you want to have plenty of information before you begin writing the paper. The working bibliography lists each source following MLA citation format. In fact, the working bibliography will be the same as the Works Cited final page of your research paper, with two exceptions. The working bibliography is titled “Working Bibliography” and the works cited page is titled “Works Cited” (makes sense, right?). In addition, a working bibliography includes the sources you found that are considering using in your paper. The works cited page contains ONLY the sources you actually CITED in the paper.

Research Paper

The research paper will inform an academic audience about the topic you selected. A successful paper will provide the readers a clear understanding of the issue, including covering different views and relevant recent research on the issue. The paper needs to use at least seven credible sources and should follow MLA guidelines for format and style.

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