Improvements for email template design, graphic design homework help

I want to improve my design for an email template.  I attached a zip file with the html file and the images used in it.

I want the design to be simple, yet eye catching.  A design that makes people want to attend the meetings. 

Please make changes to the template provided, to improve its overall appearance.

I also need help with some things:

1.  I want the two red arrows pointing right to be closer together and maybe a little thicker.  I used an html code ” ❯ “, for the arrows.  They look fine in my text editor (see picture below), but when I view them on a web browser, they look different.  I would like them to look like the picture if possible.

2.  The text and light red box underneath the “Southern California Edison” section to be centered, like how it is in the photo.  When viewed on a web browser, this section is aligned to the right for some reason.

3.  The arrow above the “Become a Member” section to look more like the image attached below.  Also, I don’t want any white space around it to show.

4.  Fix the social media icons on the bottom to match the red/black theme.  Also, I want a good/creative way to display these icons.  If there is a better way to display them than how they are currently displayed.

5.  Lastly, I need an area on the bottom of the template where I can put info of the sender who sent the email.  Such as name, title, contact info.  I’m not sure how to display this.


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