Information Security Management

Q1. In at least 250 words, discuss the following in your main post.

  1. Select an organization where you have access to one of their publicly available security policies.
  2. Identify the organization, policy type, and the policy’s importance to the organization. Be specific.

Q2.Issue Specific Security Policy (ISSP)

Learning Objective: Develop an issue-specific security policy (ISSP) that can be used at home or small business.

Assignment Requirements

Consider your incident response plan (IRP) you created last week and discussed in the forum. 

  • Using a similar approach, draft a generic, sample ISSP that would be useful to any home computer user.
  • Assume this policy could be available to the general public.
  • Make sure you cover all of the critical aspects of a security policy.
  • Get a second opinion on the ISSP’susability. You might use a family member, classmate, or a work colleague. 
  • Use that feedback to improve your policy. Include their feedback as part of your submission.
  • NOTE: This means you’ll need to complete your initial policy to provide enough time for feedback and improvement.

Submission Requirements

  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Font:Arial, 12-Point, Double- Space
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Length: 1–2 pages (plus a cover sheet)

Last Week’s IRP : IRP.docx

Q3. Q3. Write about network security Analysis Based on Authentication Techniques.

Requirement : One and Half Page.

Deadline : Q1 – 8 hours & Q2, Q3 – 2 Days.

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