Introduction Discussion

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Introduction Discussion:

Let’s ease into the semester by introducing our selves and talking casually about art, in this low stakes assignment. Along with brief introductions of yourself, I want you to start thinking about how art fits into your life, and how we are affected by it.

We interact with the visual (art) world on a daily basis, here are just a few examples how:

  1. Industrial design (all functional objects we interact with – appliances, chairs, cars, phones…).
  2. Graphic design – Everything visual on the Internet, print media – magazines, book covers, advertising in all of its forms. ALL logos. All started with an artists idea.
  3. Fashion– everything we wear has been designed by an artist. Stores have been aesthetically designed and displayed by artists.
  4. Architecture– all buildings designed by artists.
  5. Interior design– all designed by artists. WE even make aesthetic choices when doing our own interior designing. We play the role of the artist.
  6. Film– movies, television, internet based media- movies, shows, music videos, video games.

Now, I know you may be thinking to yourself… “how could an artist design that really boring looking car/house/building/shirt/appliance, etc.” Personal taste aside, all things visual are still created to be aesthetically pleasing to SOMEONE. And, I guarantee…your boring is someone else’s exciting!

For your post, you must address ALL bullet points below.

First, about you….

  • Tell us something interesting about yourself, your break…- this is an ice breaker folks, so- anything goes. Just make it good and conversational 🙂
  • Add at least one photo of yourself! Attach your image within the body of your post; not as a file attachment.

Second, about you and art

  • What is the role of art/artist in your life? (use the numbered list above as a starting point)
  • How does it affect YOUR life? (use the numbered list above as a starting point)

If you have any questions let me know

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