Introduction to Media Communication, writing homework help

Introduction to Media Communication

Paper #1 Assignment

Our course centers on what it means to have a critical approach to media and communication. In our first section of the course, we’ve focused on the following media industries and institutions: 1) the internet and digital media; 2) digital gaming; 3) sound recording, radio and music; 4) television; and 5) movies.

Choose two examples total from at least two of the above categories. Apply at least 10 ideas, facts, or concepts from our readings and class discussions in your critical analysis of the examples you’ve chosen (at least 5 ideas/facts/concepts for each of the two examples you’ve chosen).

 In your analysis, address the following questions: What is the cultural impact of these examples? Do these examples contribute to our culture in positive ways, negative ways, or both, or are they neutral? Argue your view using course readings and discussions for support.

To assist you in this assignment, refer to p.32 in Ch. 1 of your book on the Critical Process (it has 5 steps), and to the Reviews at the end of each Chapter.

Papers will be evaluated on the clarity and comprehensiveness of the discussion, as well as on the use of course materials (the 10+ ideas, facts, or concepts).

Papers should be 5-7 pages, normal 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-point type. 


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