Issue Reaction Paper (Based on the same case as your presentation)

Body of paper should be 8-10 double-spaced typed pages, excluding works cited. Papers will follow the format as outlined below.  No exceptions please.The paper should contain all the elements mentioned below. Each element should be identified by the appropriate heading.Ethical Situation: Clearly identify the ethical situation in a single statement or question. (This should be taken from your case)Summary of the case (1 page) Briefly high-light the ethical problems found in your case. What are the choices of what is right for your ethical decision maker? Think about who is involved in the case. Articulate at least three possible outcomes that some people may argue is the “right” thing to do.Importance (2 pages) Discuss the scope of this concern and find the relevance to other contexts. Examine two other cases  where this situation may apply. Is this something still affecting society today and in what way? You will need to do research here and media research is acceptable. (This section will be shared with the class in your presentation.)Your Position on the topic (1 page) Your position should be created from the research you have done and/or interviews you have conducted. You need to use the evidence from your research to give strength to your position.  Where is the evidence to support your position?  Upon what information do you base your position?  You will need to present your arguments accurately, logically, coherently, consistently, and clearly.Others Positions (2-3 pages) Interview a range of 5-10 people about your topic. Discuss the competing points of view. You may count and pull from conversations that occurred with classmates after the presentation in the discussion forum.Theoretical Arguments (at least 3 pages) This should also be a significant portion of your paper where you identify the theoretical stances on your issue. You must discuss at least two philosophers ideas on your topic and what conclusions may be drawn on the issue.Conclusion – In  paragraph should sum up your argument clearly, persuasively, and concisely.Works Cited:You must use three resourcesin additionto your classmates and the book. Please use APA formatting in your works cited.

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