IT4580 Unit 1 DB 1 RFID Action Benefits Risk Health Systems Technology

You can use Happy Health Systems (HHS)

You will design an operating system computing solution and infrastructure for Happy Health Systems (HHS),

RFID in Action: Benefits vs. Risks

For this discussion, imagine this scenario:

The Students of Capella (SoC) is a well-known consulting company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that is currently holding seminars describing the benefits of RFID technologies for potential clients around the United States. Some of their previous customers have been asked to participate in the seminars by explaining the benefits their organizations have experienced from recent wireless deployments.

Play the role of a previous customer. You can use either your current work environment or the fictional organization described in the course project for this hypothetical scenario. Assume that your organization has already deployed an RFID infrastructure and:

  • Briefly describe your organization.
  • Identify at least three benefits that you have witnessed as a result of your organization’s recent wireless deployment along with some of the security risks RFID presented to your organization.
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