IT4580 Unit 1 DB 1 RFID Technologies Robust Antenna Design

Robust RFID Antenna Design

For this discussion, imagine this scenario:

You are one of the network engineers for Happy Health Systems. Your team is planning to deploy an RFID infrastructure to increase patient monitoring. Aware of the importance of RFID standard compliance, your lead engineer requires that your team research the ISO/IEC RFID standards. There are seven parts to the ISO/IEC 18000-1 standard. This standard covers air interface communication.

Choose one of the seven parts of ISO/IEC 18000-1 standard and answer the following:

  • Define the part that you chose.
  • Describe the role that this part plays in air interface communication.
  • Provide a specific example to support your description.
  • Explain the advantages that standards offer the RFID field.
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