Jean Orlando's Nursing Theory Applied To NICU Nursing

NURN 3103 Theorist Paper Instructions and Grading Rubric

Choose a nursing theorist/theory relevant to your nursing practice. Do not use non-nursing theorists (such as Maslow, Erikson, Piaget, Bloom, etc). Click on the “LINK”, and go to the website. Choose your theorist/theory: Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You may NOT choose Florence Nightingale.

Guidelines for your paper:

Introduction: Provide a brief description of the theorist’s framework. You may use your textbook and other sources for this section. The description should be as much as possible, in your own words. Be careful not to plagiarize your information. Remember all direct quotes are to be cited, with author, date, and page number. Description should include all major aspects of the theory, not just one part or concept. You may use bullet points if there are several aspects of your theory to describe Limit the number of quotes in your paper. A paper of quotes is not a paper authored by you. Do NOT include a biography of the theorist. This paper is about the theory itself, not the theorist. (8 points)
Application of theory to Clinical Scenario: (8 points total for this section)
Describe a specific clinical scenario (interaction with patient and/or family) that you have experienced in your practice.
Clearly correlate the identified nursing theory to the clinical situation, describing how the theory and its specific concepts apply specifically to the situation. Make sure to include basic concepts related to the theory as well as a clear depiction of the implications for nursing practice.
All important concepts must be clearly applied to the situation.
Evidence of understanding theory in guiding care throughout the nursing process, not just one segment of the process.
Conclusion: Define the benefits of utilizing this specific nursing theory when examining patient care or patient issues. (4 points)
APA, References, & Paper Requirements:(5 points total for this section)
Follow APA style for formatting. APA includes, but is not limited to the title page, headings, running heads, subheadings, in text referencing, and reference page. The paper will be evaluated on grammar, spelling, and professional writing. All formal papers should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. No abstract required.
The paper should be NO LESS than 3 pages and NO MORE than 5 pages double-spaced. Page counts do not include the title page and the reference page.
Include a minimum of 3 professional nursing old.journal references less than 10 years old. You may also use your textbook. No websites should be used unless pre-approved by the instructor.
Submit the paper to the assignment drop box by the due date. The paper must submitted electronically through Canvas.
Total points for paper = 25 points


High Quality
Satisfactory Quality
Low Quality

-Theory presented is accurate, current and all major components described clearly and completely.
-theory presented is limited in depth but is accurate, current and relevant with the major components included.
Theory description is unclear. Limited depth noted. .
-No integration of sources noted.
Not addressed

Application of theory
-clearly describes a clinical example
– Clearly correlates the specific theory chosen to this scenario.
-identifies elements and concepts of the theory that applies
-evidence of theory understanding

– briefly describes a clinical example with limited detail
– attempts to apply the specific theory chosen to this scenario however relationship to situation unclear
-identifies concepts of the theory that applies however not integrated.
– unclear if understanding evident. -Paper more about listing of theory components

-clinical scenario not clearly described.
-theory named but concepts not discussed.
-limited to no application of the concepts to this situation.
Not addressed

Clearly Defines the benefits of utilizing this specific nursing theory when examining patient care or patient issues
Attempts to define the benefits of utilizing this specific nursing theory when examining patient care or patient issues, however, unclear
Minimally addresses the benefits of using this theory. Speaks only to theory globally.
Not addressed


Specific criteria
Consistent correct use of the rules of grammar usage, punctuation, and spelling
-correct APA
-3 -5 pages
-3 professional journal references
Consistent correct use of the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, with a few minor errors.
-APA errors noted
-references not all from professional journals

Several grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors
-many apa errors.
-did not follow page limits

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