journal for job

Graphic design job hunt journal NYC Under each city, list at least 10 shops located in the area Under each of these shops, NY city


1.Senior Project Manager

2. IDS Account Executive Healthcare System

3. Director of Internal Communications

4. Key Account Manager, Macy’s Adidas

5. OnSite Specialist

6. In-House Client Service Specialist

7. IDS Account Executive Healthcare System

8. Student Graphic Designer

9. Art Director / Graphic Designer


City 1: City

3: (Under each city, list at least 10 shops located in the area Under each of these shops,) I have done this part check up

– Address
– Phone Number

– Website
– CLIENTS (past and/or present?)
– Specialties
– Creative Director
– Other contacts
– Other (any other information to scribble in your notes, any connections,

any great awards, etc. – the more information, the better!)

Break these into tiers.
1) Tier 1 ($ spent, targeted, drop off in person if possible)

2) Tier 2 (somewhere in the middle, less expensive version of self-promo piece) 3) Tier 3 (default letter with no reference to your future call, no self-promo) Are there any jobs posted in these three cities, even if the position is not at one of your 10 researched shops? could you do that for me ?

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