just answer the following questions 1

Provide answers to the following questions.The statement should be no longer than 5 pages.There are no right or wrong answers.There are only thoughtful or less thoughtful answers.

Questions related to Part One – Labor, Markets, Growth, Wealth, and Instability

1.What is “the market” and what purpose does it currently serve?If you could improve “the market”, how would you improve it?If you do not think that it should be improved, explain the reason.

2.What is “labor” and what relationship does “labor” currently have with “the market”? If you could improve the relationship between “labor” and “the market”, how would you do it?

3.What is society’s wealth and from where does it come?Explain.

4.Are markets inherently unstable or inherently stable?Why “inherent”? Explain.

Questions related to Part Two – Work

1.What is “work” and why do we do it?

2.If you could improve “work”, how would you do it? If you do not believe that it needs to be improved, explain.

Questions related to Part Three – Authority and Organizing Work

1.How do you know what to do while at work?

2.If you disagree with the way that work is organized, what would you do?How would you know that you could take steps to change work?In other words, who or what gives you the authority to take action to change work?

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