Kinseology, reaction paper help

Writing-Reaction-Papers-Handy-Guide.pdf (PDF attached below, please use guide to write reaction paper)

  • Your reaction paper should be 2-3 pages in length.
  • For the initial thread – attach your reaction paper, then read 2 other classmates reaction papers and respond to them.
  • Your research should be submitted with a Word document using the MLA format
  • Simply attach your saved web search information and write up, attach it to your discussion board thread.

Discussion Board #3: Web search: Healthy People 2020 and CDC site.

You will receive an additional grade (20 additonal points possible) for the web search portion of this discussion board.

Your initial thread will reflect your impressions and pertinent information gained for the following 2 websites.  This can be submitted as a word document attachment also. Feel free to add additional websites to your thread.

Visit the following 2 sites: – visit Healthy People 2020 website. There are several other sites within this one that you can follow.Pursue topics that are of interest to you personally. Then follow the guidelines below to relay the findings of your web search. – There are several health & Safety Topics that may be of interest to you.

React to the facts they are relaying here. We will use the Guide to Writing a Reaction Paper .

I. Summary/Synopsis – what are you reacting to? Goal: Show that you understand the thesis, main ideas, and supporting ideas in the piece you’re writing about.

II. Analysis/Evaluation –  Answer the “w” questions, like why, why not, what, what if, what for, where, why there, who, how, when…

III. Your Reactions – How do you react to the piece on a personal level? How does the piece relate to your experience? Goal: Share you own impressions and your own experiences with readers.

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