Leadership Presentation, week 7 communication strategeis help

Option #1: Leadership Presentation – Persuasive

For this assignment, you will prepare and deliver a four-minute oral presentation that persuades an audience to do something.  You may speak on any topic of your choice.  The presentation must be strategically organized for effectively engaging your audience using what you’ve learned in Modules 1-7.

You will submit two separate deliverables:

  • A six to eight slide (not including title or reference slides) PowerPoint of your presentation.  Each slide should utilize graphics and/or media to make your presentation visually appealing.  Your speaker notes at the bottom of each slide should provide a word-for-word transcript of your audio presentation.
  • An mp3 (audio) file of your presentation.  You will need to record your presentation by any means that produces an mp3 file.  You may use Windows Sound Recorder, iTunes podcasting software, Garage Band (Mac) or any other software that produces an mp3 file. 

Free podcast editing software is available on the internet, such as WavePad. Please submit the recording deliverable of your assignment in mp3 format.

WavePad is available here: http://wavepad.en.softonic.com/download 
More information on the software can be found here: http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html

Refer to the rubric for grading details.

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