Literature Review

This should be your ‘proposal ready’ review of the literature, defining why you think the study is important, and defending the choices, you have made (intend to make) in the design and analysis of your data.

A key component of a research proposal is a review of the literature. You need to establish what is known and what is unknown about your chosen topic. This review and citations of the literature related to your methods are required.

This personal search, reading, and analysis of the current literature are demonstrated through the literature review section of your final proposal. You are to submit a publication-ready draft review of the literature section.

The assignment should generally be of adequate length to demonstrate your critical analysis and synthesis (conclusions) of a minimum of 10 references, with an additional attached page of the references.

This should be written as a cohesive paper that integrates and discusses the relevant literature that you have collected and reviewed.

This component should be in APA style and be ‘publication ready’

This assignment is a key portion of your final research proposal and subsequent paper. It is your analytical report of the material you have collected to identify what already known and unknown upon which you build your theory/question. You probably have additional papers you have read after the initial attempts you submitted needed to build the foundation of facts and theories for your research proposal.

The Literature Review section must be well cited, in APA format, and reasonably complete, and illustrative of the Universal Intellectual Standards (Paul & Elder 2010) ( demonstrating your critical thinking skills. It should not have spelling or major grammar errors

This is an example for one Literature Review

Araga (2017) cited several authors when he stated:

A review of the existing literature was undertaken to determine which articles would best help answer the research questions. The main goal of the literature review was to assess the current theoretical and scientific knowledge regarding the phenomenon of disaster health management in Saudi Arabia [14] (Robinson D, Reed V 1998). Through the literature review, the researcher was able synthesize the information and data already known, and then determine what is unknown. A systematic and critical appraisal was undertaken of the most important and relevant literature regarding the phenomenon—disaster health management in KSA (McCourt et al. 2013). Through examining the extant literature, the researcher gained an understanding of the current situation; from such a background, recommendations can be made in the event that there are systemic barriers against the creation of a comprehensive plan. The following sections describe the literature search method, as well as the inclusion and exclusion criteria used in the selection of the studies being reviewed.

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