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Multiple Choice Questions:To give you a sense of what to expect, I’ve posted sample multiple choice questions in the course notes.Expect 2 multiple choice questions per each of the following:Kellner, Douglas, and Jeff Share. “Critical Media Literacy Is Not an Option.”Butsch, Richard. “Ralph, Fred, Archie, Homer, and the King of Queens: Why Television Keeps Re-Creating the Male Working-Class Buffoon.”McChesney, Robert W. Excerpt from The Problem of the Media: U.S. Communication Politics in the 21st Century.Obst, Lynda. “Creating Preawareness.”Kumar, Deepa. “Media, War, and Propaganda: Strategies of Information Management During the 2003 Iraq War.”Jhally, Sut. “Advertising as Religion: The Dialectic of Technology and Magic.”Frank, Thomas. “Why Johnny Can’t Dissent.”Expect 1 multiple choice question per each of the following:Excerpt from Class Dismissed.Lull, James. “Hegemony.”Grazian, David. “Neoliberalism and the Realities of Reality Television.”Karlin, Mark. “Banishing the Poor, Unemployed and Working Class from the Mainstream Media Implies That They are Worthless.””Minority Media.””Who Is Sumner Redstone & Why Should We Care?”Cromwell, David. “The Propaganda Model.””How Big Money & Big Media Undermine Democracy.””What Happened to the News?”The Real Men and Women of Madison Avenue.There will also be multiple choice questions on the lecture notes. Expect about 3 questions per module:1-Introduction2-Class3-Media Ownership4-News5-ConsumerismNote that half of the multiple choice questions are based on the readings.Short Answer Questions:Questions will ask you to apply a specific concept to a specific problem. For example, here’s a question in which you’re asked to think about the press pool (the problem) in terms of the conflict perspective (the concept):Why might someone with a conflict perspective on the media view the creation of the press pool as evidence that the commercial media have become a propaganda outlet for the U.S. government during wartime?Here’s an acceptable answer:The press pool is designed is part to control the mainstream media’s war reporting–to ensure that the war is portrayed as a good thing. Someone with a conflict perspective might see the press pool as an attempt by the government to ensure that the United States’ power over other countries goes unquestioned the American people.A few questions will ask you to summarize a key point. For example:In Sleepless in Hollywood, Lynda Obst describes the role that a studio’s President of Marketing has on whether a script gets turned into a movie. How does her description of this person’s role imply that Hollywood does not necessarily give the people what they want?Here’s an acceptable answer:As Obst notes, this person does not think about what people want so much as they think about whether they can market the film. If the premise is too complex (i.e. it won’t fit in an advertisement) and if the premise doesn’t seem to translate into a coherent marketing plan, the film won’t get made.It is online test. include40 multiple-choice questions and 10 short-answer questions request almost 17 academic paper reading.After i start test, i will send question to you; need get the answers within 90mins.This test is very important to me. need expert help ASAP!This is serious test, must read list article before. I will reply the message around 0930 2.27 EST

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