management final


Each question should be approximately 1 page long

  1. We know that change is required for real progress. Yet even highly motivated employees often resist change. What can be done to prepare every employee for a life of change in the company and to enjoy it.
  2. Innovation isn’t just about developing new products and services. It is also about developing new processes. Give several examples of new process innovation and indicate how you would structure your organization to be a process innovator.
  3. In a really well run company there should be no need for control systems. Everyone should know what their jobs are and be sufficiently motivated to perform them effectively and efficiently. What’s your take on this statement?
  4. We all know how to communicate. We have been doing it all our lives and we have been trained in proper communication at home, in schools, at play, and at work. Why is this such a big deal? How come we aren’t all experts at this? If not what can or should be done?
  5. How do great teams stay great? We all know that the same teams don’t win the super bowl or the world series every year. Isn’t there some way to become great and stay great forever? If you think there is, tell us how you could do it. If you don’t think its possible now tell us why.

There are five questions, each worth 16 points.

Please do not quote directly from the text

For each of your answers, please cite at least 2 Internet references, a total of 10 in your paper.

Bibliography of all references used in the preparation of the exam must be listed on the last page of the exam.

The Bibliography should be Chicago manual.

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