Management Orientation Program Proposal, health and medicine homework help

Management Orientation Program Proposal

For this final project, you have the opportunity to create a proposal to present to the leadership team regarding the on boarding plan for new nurse managers. This project will include the creation of an orientation plan in a PowerPoint presentation. APA citations expected. Follow PowerPoint format guidelines.

Your proposal should include:

  • Introductory and concluding remarks
  • Slides that identify specific topics with supportive key ideas and objectives for the lesson.
  • Speaker notes that include the rationale for topic inclusion with a synthesis of professional literature, and resource list. The resource list should identify the recommended materials and facilitator for each topic, e.g.HR, CNO, NM, and why they would be the most appropriate choice for that topic.

You may use this outline template to help organize your resources. You should use this PPT template to build your presentation.

This assignment does not need to be submitted to TurnItIn.

Please use the rubric below to help you complete the Final Project

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