Market Mix Pricing Strategies For Information Products

Use prior research, Explain how you will create, deliver, and communicate value. Use the 5C’s, STP, and the 4 P’s. Detail your proposed marketing mix through:

1. Product strategy

2. Unique Selling position:

o How will your products/services succeed in the market where others may have failed?

o What gives your products/services a distinctive edge?

3. Distribution strategy

o Channels

o What is the strategy behind using this channel type?

o Any complementary services?

4. Promotional strategy

5. Pricing strategy

6. Market research

This is a vital part of your Marketing Plan! Remember in a real-life setting, all of this information might require input from purchasing, manufacturing, sales, finance, and human resources. Be creative.


1. Please use *APA format. Your paper should be 3-5 pages, not including the title and reference pages. Avoid using 1st person style writing – especially since this is a scholarly paper. Instead of using I, substitute with this author or avoid using a specific reference. For instance, Starbucks coffee tastes great; instead of “I think Starbucks coffee is great.”

2. Provide an introduction and conclusion discussing your market analysis.

3. Provide 1-2 paragraphs per topic.

4. Justify your choices, details, and statements. Provide a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources including journals and periodicals rather than books (including textbooks)

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