Draft and deliver a 3-speech addressing the issue of concern discussed in your Public Issue Advocacy Statement as mentioned below. The speech should identify a specific conflict and/or conflict resolution strategy and target an audience that is publicly opposed to the course of action that you are advocating or what precludes them from supporting what you are advocating for. A high-quality Public Issue Advocacy Speech will identify the audience and their rationale for opposing the speaker’s policy preference. Additionally, it will provide the listener with a well-argued defense that aligns with your audience’s values and/or interest.PUBLIC ISSUE ADVOCACY STATEMENTConflicted is erupted as a result of people’s disenchantment about actions exhibited by those in leadership or certain group of people, that negatively affect them. When a certain group of people are discriminated against, when people are denied their rights, when people are being dehumanized and treated with disdain, or in an environment where the resources of the nation is unevenly distributed, wherein certain people enjoys most of the resources while the others barely gets anything out, hence, the possible outcome will be conflict. The perpetration of any of the above acts constitutes violation of the human rights of the group of people that it affects. The deliberate disregard for the rule of law and violation of human rights form the basis for our concern. “Abuse of power being one of the root causes of the Liberian civil conflict that killed about 250,000 people”1, hence, the gross violation of constitutional provision (human rights) is a recipes for conflict. Our attention is drawn to theabuse of powerby state actors.“For new democracies and societies emerging from conflict, effective systems of dispute resolution are essential to maintaining a lasting peace and preventing violence”.2The prevention of the occurrence the violation of any basic human rights of any person less to say a whole group of people facilitates the prevention of conflict. Policymakers are under mandate to ensure the civil liberty of the people they govern. Policymakers and all state actors should become proactive to avert all forms of action that are conflict prone.__________________________1

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