Media Articles that Involve Behavioral Biases & Market Inefficiencies Paper

For this project each of you are supposed to provide me with 2 different examples of media that involve behavioral biases or market inefficiencies. For each of the examples I need a printout of the articles AND a weblink.

Additionally, each example should be followed by a short (up to a page) summary addressing the following:
a) short summary of the main behavioral phenomenon described in the article, i.e. “what’s going on”
b) who or what is causing the anomaly
c) can it be remedied and if yes, how

As a part of this project you CANNOT submit
a) academic articles
b) business media summaries of academic articles
c) interviews with academics.

You can submit
a) newspaper articles
b) links to videos, including advertisements, music, promotional videos etc
c) examples of behavioral biases in areas other than business.

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