mixed methods research 3

Based on the data collection plan developed in week 6, develop the data analysis and verification plan. Write a 4-page paper that includes the following:

  1. Research questions
  2. Sources of data: Refer to Onwuegbuzie and Leech (2006) in week-4 readings, and describe which of the data analysis steps outlined on page 491 and 492 (Figure 3) will be followed. Refer to Adams-Budde at al. (2014) in week 7 readings to describe how each source of data will be used in the analysis. Use other readings as models to discuss data integration procedures.
  3. Refer to articles provided in weeks 7 and 8 to discuss specific verification strategies for proposed data analysis: how will the issues of validity (quantitative data) and trustworthiness (qualitative data) be addressed? Make sure to cite articles from the readings to support your procedures. Think about design quality and interpretive rigor.
  4. Discuss limitations of the proposed data analysis plan and reflect on the potential theoretical and practical significance of your work.

for example file

Research Questions:1) Describe various purposes and how they could help graduate students in engaging in quality research using the combined methods of research design.

2). Stateand explain crucial aspects which could determine the effectiveness the combined methods of research design.

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