MKT690 SNHU Milestone 1 Assignment Company Selection Process

In your role as a marketing consultant, you will be required to make recommendations to clients. As you become more skilled in the role, you will develop your own process. This project is designed to help you become comfortable with the steps involved. The first stage after you have been asked to make a recommendation is to identify examples of companies that can provide the template for the specific strategies that you will be asked to develop.

Company Selection Process:

Identification of companies that will meet your client’s need takes practice to ensure that you have fully considered the requirements. To guide the selection of your potential Four companies, complete the following brainstorming tasks in order:

1. Spend 5–10 minutes brainstorming the names of companies that you are interested in.

2. Review that list and cross out all companies that are not headquartered in the United States.

3. Review the list to cross out companies that do not offer their products or services in at least two other countries; this may take a little research on your part. A few examples of companies that meet the criteria include Walmart, GM, Microsoft, and McDonald’s.

4. Have you narrowed your list of companies down to two or three? If not, identify additional criteria that will help you narrow your list to two to three companies.

5. Once you have narrowed your list of companies down to four companies, number the companies in order of preference (with your top choice listed as number one).

6. For each of the companies on your list, conduct research into the corporation and its background. The following critical elements must be addressed for each of the potential companies you identified:

I. Company:

a) What is the name of the corporation you have selected?

b) Give a brief overview of your chosen company, including the types of products and/or services it offers, the markets it targets, which may be different in different countries, and its brand values (i.e., what the brand means to you).

c) Are these aspects of the company consistent in the markets it serves?

II. Criteria Verification:

How does this company meet the criteria for selection? Provide the source(s) for this information.

III. Rationale: Explanation of your rationale for selecting this corporation is essential, as it will be the focus of your work through the course.

a) What is your rationale for selecting this company? In particular, what interests you about it? What don’t you like about these companies?

b) What in your opinion makes it different from its competitors, both in its home market (i.e., in the United States) and in the various markets where it operates overseas?

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