Module 01 Discussion – Competitive Advantage

You have focused on the importance of understanding the competitive environment. You have also examined the link between competitive advantage and marketing strategies. Interestingly, a company may have a competitive advantage in its home country that may not carryover to other countries when the brand is launched globally. The converse is also true. Some companies may establish a competitive advantage in other countries that it does not realize in its home country. An example of this is KFC. In the United States, there are a number of fast food chains that rank higher in sales than KFC. However, KFC leads the Chinese fast food market. In this discussion, you will examine differences in a company’s competitive advantage in one country versus another and how those differences impact marketing strategies.

For your initial post, do the following:

  1. Conduct research and identify an example of a company that has a competitive advantage in one country that it does not have in another country.
  2. Discuss the nature of the company’s competitive advantage in each country. What makes the company and its offerings unique and distinctive in each country?
  3. How do the company’s marketing strategies in each country reflect the differences in the company’s competitive advantage in one country versus the other? Provide specific examples.
  4. Please be sure to cite your sources.
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