Mutant Message Down Under

NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION/MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER @ 100 points.Single Space 2 – 2 1/2 pages.Use  concepts from class readings/lecture and the film “Keep to the River on the Right” to frame your analysis.Please remember to define, explain and then apply theory.Do not laundry list concepts/theories from the text without careful analysis.Be sure and answer all the questions below:1) Why is understanding non-verbal communication critical to quality cross cultural interactions?Remember to fully support your claims with class readings/lecture.2) Using the readings from the Non-Verbal unit analyze the MMDU book. Using readings from the section on “Non-Verbal Communication,” identify, explain and analyze these codes using examples from the MMDU book and the film “Keep to the River on the Right.”-  How were the following nonverbal codes of communication demonstrated in the texts?: Facial expression, Proxemics, Gestures, Eye Contact, Paralinguistic, silence, and Chromatics.  You will find an explanation of these concepts in the article by Peter Anderson found Avalos Reader in the Non Verbal Section of the text. The article is not listed on your schedule of readings.3) Do a compare/contrast analysis of the book MMDU and the film “Keep to the River on your Right.”How were these texts the same and how did they differ?  Use at least 2 specific examples from both the book and the film.Hint: Be sure you demonstrate that you have carefully read the book and watched the film.4)HOW DID THE book HELP YOU UNDERSTAND YOURSELF AND YOUR  OWN RELATIONSHIP TO UNCERTAINTY , MATERIAL THINGS/REALITY, NATURE, TIME, POWER, AND BEING A MEMBER OF A “BEING VS. DOING” CULTURE?5) Use in text citations and provide a reference page.

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