Network security fundamentals

Please read carefully the description before submit. Please do not copy the definition and follow the example below.

Description: There are many different types of vulnerabilities that exist or have existed. Provide an example of a vulnerability that you have seen or experienced and explain why it was a vulnerability and what the use of the vulnerability might be (or have been). . Example: The “Evercookie” is a novel javascript application in that it take many features in our browsers and combines them to create a method of preserving data (such as tracking information) that cannot be easily deleted. For example, if cookies are cleared, the tracking information is stored elsewhere and immediately restored into the cookie. As part of this application, is uses many different ways of uniquely identifying a user, many not designed for tracking a user. For example, we are all aware that your browser has a history of what you have visited and visited links change colors. Evercookie constructs a URL that contains all of the information to track the user and then accesses that link. Later it can systematically check to see which link was accessed to restore a browser cookie that was deleted, thus using the browser history to uniquely identify you. More details and a safe demonstration can be found on the Evercookie webpageat

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