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3-5 pages please.

Please address the following issues as they specifically relate to the movie “Dirty Harry.”

  • What is the major ethical dilemma presented in this movie?
  • Referring specifically to the “Decision Making Matrix” presented on the first night of class, how does the Mayor attempt to resolve the ethical dilemma? Is he successful in resolving the dilemma? Why or why not?
  • Again, referring specifically to the “Decision Making Matrix,” how does Inspector Callahan attempt to resolve this dilemma? Is he successful? Why or why not?
  • Referring to the “Continuum of Concepts of Justice” presented on the first night of class, what type of justice does Inspector Callahan pursue? Could he have pursued others?
  • Finally, considering the entire range of Inspector Callahan’s ethical decisions, do you think he can be considered “virtuous” in line with our discussions about this concept?
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