Nuclear Power and Renewable Power Source Questions


1) Choose at least one of the three stories and discuss its writing style (YOU WILL BE USING STORY “SOLDIER’S HOME). How is this style similar or different to some other things we have read, either this week or in past weeks? Was this style of writing effective for you? Why or why not.

What is the tone of the story? How might the story’s tone (and even its meaning) change if it was told from another point-of-view?

Furthermore, what are some important examples of diction (the author’s word choice) in the story? Why do you think the author chose that specific word or words?Did you find any examples of irony (verbal, situational, or dramatic) in the story you chose? Explain.


2) Nuclear power is extremely controversial, especially in environmental circles. Why is this? Is nuclear power a viable alternative in today’s world? Why or why not? What about tomorrow’s world? What will future generations do with the nuclear waste that is being produced today?

3) Choose a renewable power source and present the pros and cons, including cost of operation for that particular energy source. Then, hypothesize its effectiveness in a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, etc. How resilient is that power source? What is the potential cost of an energy disruption?

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