NURS400 Postpartum Pain Problem in Nursing Practice Assignment

Use each step of the research process as the paper subheading. Since the focus is on quantitative research, endeavor to identify the type of quantitative research method in your purpose statement and follow the characteristics of that method in your discussions and write up. Note that since this is a proposal, the language should be in the future since it’s not implemented yet. Paper length should be not more than 10 pages including title page and reference list, all in correct 6 th edition APA style and format.


Identify a researchable problem of interest in nursing practice. State rationale for the chosen topic. Draft a problem statement and purpose of study statement based on the chosen topic.

In your group based on your topic, utilizing the strategies for locating peer-reviewed articles, identify 4 relevant peer reviewed journal articles published within the past five years.

Describe why you chose each article, the major findings of each article, and state where and how your topic fits in with findings of the 4 chosen articles.

a. Decide on a theoretical framework that will explain your topic of interest. Theory can be from nursing or related fields. For example,

Gate Control theory of pain can used in a research study related to pain management.

Lewin’s theory of change can be used in a research article related to change or quality improvement.

Cognitive dissonance theory can be used in studies where there are conflicts or discord between knowledge, attitude, and behavior.

General Adaptation Syndrome theory can be used for studies related to stress response.

Some models or theories from nursing include:

Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory

Roy’s Adaptation Model

Orem’s Self-Care Theory

Neuman’s Health Care Systems Model

b. Identify the variables in your study and define them conceptually and operationally

Based on your chosen topic, problem statement, purpose of study, and literature review, compose one research question and one research/null hypothesis statement for your topic.

Describe the subjects to be being studied with inclusion and exclusion criteria Explain how the rights of the subjects will be protected.

Explain the target and accessible population for your study proposal. Describe your sampling method for a representative sample. What would be your sample size? Explain how you ascertained enough sample size.

Describe your data collection instrument. Explain your processes of data collection. How will you ensure the validity and reliability of your chosen instrument?

What statistical measures (descriptive and inferential) would you use to analyze your data? Explain why you chose your statistical measure

Describe the process you would use to analyze the data using the chosen statistical measure

The Title and reference pages should’nt be included the 8 pages

AT LEAST 5 REFERENCES with not more than 5 years

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