Nursing Care Informatics HITECH And HIPPA Act Discussion Help

Summarize specifics of the informatics topic presented by the group and how it relates to nursing care, research, theory, patient safety, nursing practice, and general healthcare.

Group 3’s presentation is about a topic on the dilemmas faced while using laptop computers, particularly in the healthcare sector. Additionally, the presentation focuses on the security risks that users face while using laptops in the healthcare environment in relation to how such risks relate to HIPAA and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Acts. Among the specifics of the topic include an elaboration of the options available to avoid potential violations on HIPAA. According to Posa and Terry (2010), lack of violating the regulations provided by these Acts will help in preventing breaches of security passwords especially on the encryption and backing up of data. Another specific that the presentation articulates is that in case of a security breach, fines are attributed and where the violation has been classified as “willful neglect” such as a gross breach on unsecured private health information (PHI) the penalty assigned to such is not less than $ 1.5 million.

The presentation also specifies that the information concerning laptop computer dilemmas is intended for all those people with direct or indirect patient care such as storage companies which conduct back up activities for commercial purposes. Examples of these companies include Mozy, Dropbox, and Carbonite. Physicians are in agreements with these backup systems. These business associate agreements with the backup system companies ensure that in case of data hacking leading to loss of information, and the companies will be responsible for such, Posa and Terry (2010). Some patients store information relating to their data on tablets, laptops, and smartphones hence a possible likelihood of data loss through hacking.

The above topic’s informatics relates to nursing care, research, theory, patient safety, nursing practice, and general healthcare through the following ways;

The laptop computers provide means of protecting information in health care facilities. The backing up of data, as well as data encryption, provide additional means for information safety. These measures aim at ensuring patients safety as far as their information is concerned. The information provided by the presentation on HIPAA and HITECH provides the regulations that are used to regulate the nursing practice as well as the entire general healthcare. This presentation itself is a research as well as forms a basis for advanced study to be conducted in the future by other scholars on the laptop computer dilemmas. This research is prepared using primary documents such as the HIPAA Act of 1996 and the HITECH Act of 2009, an analysis of literature and as well as a historical account. The presentation itself is a theory since it generalizes thinking of laptop computer dilemma and provides a means on how these dilemmas can be prevented.

What did you learn from the presentation, please be specific?

I learned from the presentation that there are Acts that are involved in the regulation of data security particularly in the healthcare sector namely HIPAA and HITECH Acts. The violations of these Acts results in punishment such as a fine of not less than $ 1.5 million. I also learned that there is a possibility of healthcare information being lost through computer crimes such as systems hacking. I learned that healthcare information, as well as patient’s data, can be secured through means such as having business associate agreements. According to Posa and Terry (2010), these agreements are between healthcare facilities and data backup companies which ensure that a healthcare’s data is protected and in case of a breach, the company is the one held liable not the healthcare facility. Also, I have also learned that data can be protected through encryption.

Was there something in the presentation that could have been improved on or needed further detail? If so, what?

Details on the regulations provided on healthcare sector by HIPAA and HITECH Acts should have been provided on how they ensure health information’s safety. Possible risks should also have been articulated in addition to the consequences attributed to each risk’s materialization. It is also significant for the presentation to provide details of how healthcare providers can encrypt data as a method of data protection method.

Where the citations/references within the Tegrity presentation in correct APA format?

The references and citations within the presentation are in correct APA format.

  1. The in-text citation was done in accordance with the APA in-text citation guidelines of either (Surname, Year of Publication) or Surname, (Year of Publication).
  2. References 1,2 and 3 have been put in the reference page although they have not been in-texted.
  3. The referencing was also in respect to the APA referencing guidelines as follows;

Author’s Surname, Initial(s). (Date Published). Title of Source. Location of Publisher: Publisher. Retrieved from URL. Although the link for the second reference is not properly indicated on where it is retrieved.


Posa, R., & Terry, M. (2010). The Laptop Computer Dilemma: What You Need to Know. Here’s What HITECH Act says about you and your Laptop. Podiatry Management. 10 (8) 71-76.

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