Opium Brides


2.Answer the questions below in complete sentences using information from the video and other sources, as relevant and necessary.

-Make sure to provide a list of references used at the end of your answers

3.Craft a multi-paragraph essay in which you respond to the discussion questions provided below.

-Make sure to entitle your new thread with the name of the video you watched.

1.What is the central topic or set of related topics of your assigned PBS Frontline video?

2.What is the central question or set of questions asked by the narrators/interviewers/creators of the PBS Frontline video?

3.What is the thesis or central claim of the PBS Frontline video?

4.What specific visual elements of the PBS Frontline video contribute to your understanding of the thesis or central claim?

5.What evidence is used by the PBS Frontline video to support its thesis or central claim?

6.Is the PBS Frontline video convincing? Why?

7.Is the PBS Frontline video compelling or interesting? Why?

8.What new information is available about the topic in the video? Find at least one recent credible source of information on the topic in the video from the CCC databases (no Googled or Wikipedia information). Make certain to include an APA or MLA formatted citation for the source at the end of your posting.

How does the information contained in the video relate to or impact your community (however you define it)?

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