Organizations and HR in Today’s Business Environment

Understanding the “big picture” of the corporate or organizational world is fundamental to becoming an effective strategic HR partner, Organizations have always had a well-defined process for strategic planning and decision making, but for decades it rarely involved HR, which was typically relegated to support functions such as hiring, firing, training, compensation (payroll, benefits), teams, morale, conflict management, etc. . Today, in the complex world requiring acute organizational flexibility to accommodate almost overnight changes like acquisitions and mergers – or liquidations – and new markets and competition, the CEO and Chief Executive’s team (the Corporate Suite, or, C-Suite) need the knowledge and insight of HR in capitalizing on its greatest asset, its human capital and its organizational knowledge. It is well established that the organizations that manage its knowledge like a tangible asset, have an edge in an ever evolving and highly competitive world. With this in mind and using the assigned readings for this week, identify an organization with which you are familiar, and:

  • Briefly describe the organization
  • Based on what you know of HR functions, describe how HR appears to function within that organization and how it evolved, (i.e., briefly relate the history)
  • Describe how HR appears to effectively/ineffectively leverage the organization’s intangible assets, e.g., knowledge, to the organization’s benefit, providing at least two specific example(s).
  • Assess where they are and where they need to be in light of HR’s changing role as a strategic partner.

Be sure to cite examples from this week’s readings and others you find in the Library to support your claims.

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