Paper "Nursing Conceptual Frameworks In Clinical Practice"

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The table below provides an overview of features of the three Nursing Paradigms: Particulate-Deterministic; Interactive-Integrative; and Unitary-Transformative (Fawcett, 2005). Select nursing theories and models, referred to as “Conceptual Frameworks,” are identified. Of the conceptual frameworks listed in the table, select 1 to explore further. The Library Guide for NUR 18200 has eBooks available for you to use: click here for selected texts on nursing theorists. These texts have reference lists that are helpful as well, if you’d like to dig deeper in understanding a particular conceptual framework. Several nurse theorists even have their own websites! For the purposes of this assignment, I recommend using the following: Fawcett, J. (2005). Contemporary Nursing Knowledge: Analysis and Evaluation of Nursing Models and Theories (2nd ed.). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company.The conceptual framework you select is your choice. Perhaps you personally and professionally identify strongly with one of the nursing paradigms. Each is like a “lens,” offering a certain way of viewing nursing phenomena. Chances are you already view nursing (and the world, in general) according to one of the three nursing paradigms but just didn’t have a name for it…until now!

Once you’ve selected a nursing conceptual framework, conduct a literature search to identify 3 published reports of clinical practice guided by the selected conceptual framework. You will describe each of the reports in your post. Please be sure to include clinical practice reports, not research reports. Fawcett includes several chapters on each major nursing conceptual framework in her textbook. Towards the end of each chapter, note that she identifies a list of published reports of clinical practice guided by the conceptual framework as well as a list of published reports of research guided by the conceptual framework. You are free to select and use reports from the list of reports of clinical practice, but I encourage you to challenge yourself to search for at least one, more recently published report not listed by Fawcett.  You should include the following:Identify the nursing conceptual framework you chose to explore in-depth. Why did you choose it?Describe what “nursing practice” is, according to your selected conceptual framework: 1) purpose of nursing practice;  2) practice problems of interest, 3) settings for nursing practice, and 4) nursing processSelect 3 published reports of professional practice situations that were guided by your selected conceptual frameworkFor each of the 3 reports, identify the clinical situation and clinical population. Then describe how the author(s) of the report applied the conceptual framework to the clinical situation/population. Use examples to illustrate.

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