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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

Health care managers use various methods to improve performance of organizations in terms of finances and productivity, but also in the quality of care they provide. To reengineer the system, health care managers must be able to understand work-design, jobs, job measurement, process activities, and reward systems (Gabrielson, 2019). With that knowledge, they can recognize the holdups in the old system, identify unnecessary and repetitive tasks, and eliminate them in the reengineered system of care. Beyond those skills, the structure of the health care organization, the roles of managers, and the people involved in the processes must be taken into account, as these factors influence the chances of success for a reengineering project. The structured approach includes building an awareness of the need for change, actively engaging staff to guide the cultural shift that is needed, designing teams that include end key stakeholders, and creating and implementing a communication plan (Gabrielson, 2019). By putting the specific change management tasks into a project plan, there is a better chance of achieving the ultimate end goal.

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