Park University Nominal Group Technique Innovation Ideas Assignment

The Nominal Group Technique is also a tool for understanding a process from its beginnings until its present-day actions. It is an iterative tool which is generally staffed by a small group.

Definition: The Nominal Group Technique is a form of brainstorming, wherein a structured meeting is held among the group members where they are required to find solutions to the problem identified for the discussion.

In other words, NGT is a systematic and an organized group meeting held among the members to facilitate decision making by properly identifying the problems and generating the solutions thereof. The nominal group technique helps in preventing the discussion being dominated by a single person and hence, allow the silent members, who are quite or shy, to speak out their ideas in the group.

Review the following video What Is Nominal Group Technique (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.?


Discuss possible innovation ideas and needs by conducting an NGT. Submit a 250-page document to describe of how well the NGT method worked. Describe your success with the technique. List the positives and negatives of the technique. How did it differ from Brainstorming? Would you use this technique again?

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