Perspective of A Citizen of An European Imperialist Nation about China Paper

Imagine that you are an educated citizen of an imperialist European nation in the 19th century. You have not yet formed a well-thought-out opinion about imperialism, nor do you have a set opinion about the influence your nation has imposed on China. Now is your time to think about both sides of the argument by writing two editorials on imperialism in China. You may benefit from viewing this tutorial on argument writing to help you prepare your arguments.

Step 1: Write a one paragraph editorial that supports imperialism in China. Remember, you are writing from the perspective of a citizen of a European imperialist nation. Use the information you learned in the lesson on how colonization benefited imperialist nations to support your claims with evidence.

Step 2: Write a one paragraph editorial that rejects imperialism in China. Consider the claims made in your first editorial supporting imperialism and use evidence from the lesson to counter them.

Both editorials must:

  • be at least one paragraph with at least six sentences, including introduction and conclusion sentences
  • express one side of the issue (support or against)
  • use specific examples from the lesson for support
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