physics multiple choice 3

When a nucleon is electrically neutral, it is called

  1. a neutron.
  2. an electron.
  3. a proton.
  4. an ion

An old-fashioned farm-type pump sucks water up from a well because the water is close enough to the surface for gravity to push it out of the well.

  1. True
  2. False

The speed of a satellite in a circular orbit is

  1. constant.
  2. decreasing.
  3. constantly increasing.
  4. decelerating.


  1. exist at high temperatures.
  2. are the smallest phase of matter in the universe.
  3. only exist as liquids of free electrons and ions.
  4. are not one of the four phases of matter.

A hydraulic press multiplies a force by 50. This multiplication is done at the expense of

  1. energy, which decreases by a factor of 50.
  2. the time over which the force acts, which is extended by a factor of 50.
  3. the mechanism providing the force.
  4. the distance through which the force acts.

Which of the following is a compound?

  1. ocean water
  2. air
  3. mud
  4. salt

____ 7.

In a hydraulic press operation, it is possible for the

a. output force and output displacement to increase.
b. output displacement to exceed the input displacement when both forces are equal. c. energy output to exceed the energy input.
d. force output to exceed the force input.

If the weight density of a tub of water is 735 N/cubic m, and it weighs 2940 N, it occupies a volume of

  1. 2 cubic meters.
  2. 4 cubic meters.
  3. 8 cubic meters.
  4. 10 cubic meters.

Einstein’s first postulate of special relativity says that a spaceship can only measure its speed relative to empty space.

  1. True
  2. False

You are actually looking into the future when you look at

  1. both galaxies and a newspaper.
  2. neither galaxies or a newspaper.
  3. far away galaxies.
  4. today’s newspaper.

Which has more density, 5 boxes of pineapples or 10 boxes of pineapples?

  1. They both have the same density.
  2. 10 boxes of pineapples have more density.
  3. 5 boxes of pineapples have more density.

The area of the inside bottom of the container is 2 square meters. The pressure of water exerted on the bottom of the container is 50 N per square meter. How much water does an industrial container hold?

a. 100N b. 50N c. 25N d. 10N

An aneroid barometer calibrated to measure elevation is called

  1. a thermometer.
  2. an altimeter.
  3. a joule.
  4. a geodesics.

Which of the following is the smallest particle?

  1. a proton
  2. a molecule
  3. an atom
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