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Comment 1

Google is probably one of the first places we think to look for answers on just about every topic. Starting a research paper with a google search may provide good ideas for brainstorming. This may be problematic however when looking for credible references because you don’t always know where the information originated from or if the source can be trusted for accuracy. Seeking out peer reviewed articles from scholarly sources is a much better way to build a quality assignment.

You can find these articles through Google or Google Scholar though many times you will have to pay for the full text or subscribe to a specific service. Fortunately, Grand Canyon University has many scholarly databases available to us at no cost in the library! Two GCU library scholarly databases that are helpful for locating quality research studies and journal articles are Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition and CINAHL Complete. The library website has a search engine that is subject specific. This means that your results will be more tailored to what you are looking to write about and you will find more relevant sources for your topic. Articles can also be filtered by year, subject and full text availability.

Comment 2

Resources undoubtedly play an ever-increasing as well as an integral part in the timely accomplishment of research goals and objectives. For this EBP project and considering the topic which I have selected for this GCU course, I am of the opinion that Nursing and Health Science database available at GCU library can turn out to be a valuable asset. Other than that, the Administration for Health Care resource is another credible database that I can rely on for the research in GCU courses. Both of them tend to collectively support in fulfillment of knowledge and statistical documentation needed to complete the EBP GCU project. I consider them much better than Google Scholar and internet searches because they are incredibly focused and not maligned. The data and information uploaded here are verified and worth being relying on (Antelman, 2006). When doing medical researches, one has to consider the authenticity of articles because they might impact the lives of individuals.

Moreover, these databases are also useful because they are flooded with nursing-related issues rather than other articles also. Hence it becomes relatively easier to scroll through the articles and gather information than to waste time in finding the correct articles. Use of keyword search makes the experience more appropriate.

Please NOTE this comment is the other theme. 1 DQ 2

Comment 3

The Institute of Medicine has stated a goal that 90 percent of clinical practice be evidence based by the year 2020. This is exciting because use of evidence-based practice helps to develop the scientific aspect of nursing, produce clinical practice guides and keep knowledge up to date! Despite these benefits, use of EBP in the United States healthcare delivery system is currently at around 15 percent. Two barriers that may be holding us back from adopting EPB into our workplace are insufficient knowledge of the research process and lack of support at the organizational level to change the practice (Barria, 2014).

Some ways to facilitate increased awareness and adoption of EPB include: positive attitude toward research, time dedicated to reading professional journal articles, support of autonomy in nursing, collaboration with other disciplines and attending professional conferences or workshops. Implementing EPB on an organizational level involves promoting a culture of shared governance, responsibility, balanced work load and resources. Leaders and administrators play a key role by modeling evidence-based decisions and supporting the infrastructure which represents the organization’s mission, philosophy and strategic plan (Barria, 2014).

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