please respond to the following post.

Please respond to the following post with a long paragraph with your opinion, add citations and references.


Principlism refers the use of four principles as a guide to making decisions regarding complex medical moral issues. The principles are:

  1. Respect for autonomy: Requires that a person’s decision-making capacities are respected.
  2. Nonmaleficence: Requires that people do no harm to each other
  3. Beneficence: Requires that people prevent harm, provide benefits, and balance benefits against risks and costs.
  4. Justice: Require that benefits, risks and cost be distributed

If I had to rank the importance of each of the four principles, I would rate as follow: (1) Nonmaleficence-we are to love each other and treat others as God treats us. (2) Beneficence: I believe this goes well with nonmaleficence. If we treat others the way God treats us, then we will strive to protect them from harm and act in their best interest. (3) Respect for autonomy-I believe this one is different depending on a case. If a patient is unable to make their own decisions and have no will, then the decision is based on the other 3 remaining principles. and (4) Justice: because every human life is valuable, regardless of someone socioeconomic background. Also, I do think that each case should be considered, and the principles should be attributed accordingly. In the context of Christian biblical, I believe these 4 principles would be ranked as I ranked them.

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