PM571 University of Phoenix Defining Phase Project Deliverable Plan

a fun, real-life project to collaboratively plan using project management principles. You could design and build a house, develop a video game, launch a new business, etc.

Collaborate with your Learning Team to develop a project based upon the topic that your team selects, and finalize the Defining Phase of the team project.

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide presentation with speaker notes that illustrates the Defining Phase project deliverables.

Include slides for the following elements in your presentation:

· Project Overview

· Project Scope Statement

· Project Charter

· WBS – work breakdown structure to three levels developed in Microsoft® Project – Note that you can include a print screen of the MS Project WBS in your slide(s).

· Communication Matrix – See Figure 4.10 in Ch. 4 of Project Management

Evaluate the following in the speaker notes:

· The project objectives and deliverables (using SMART methodology as described in Ch. 2 of Project Management).

· The scope statement that the team finalized using the checklist in Ch. 4 of Project Management.

· The charter that the team developed, and the specific responsibilities of each team member.

· The work breakdown structure (WBS) that was developed, and an explanation of how the work will be distributed to the project team.

· The key stakeholder groups and their project information needs as outlined in the communication plan.

· Justification as to why the specific stakeholders were chosen for the communication plan.

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