Poetry discussion



1. For this assignment I chose to read the last 5 poems on the list. Berryman was an interesting piece that I first thought was about the author’s father, but then I decided it must have been a role model of his from the writing world. This poem did not use rhyming words, but did use descriptive language and had a definite theme, which revolved around the teachings of a prominent figure in the author’s life. The next poem that I read was entitled Animals. I believe this poem to be about a man of advanced age watching birds through his window, perhaps envious of their freedom and fleeting nature. This poem was not particularly impressive to me, and it did not utilize meter or rhyme as far as I could tell. The language was not very descriptive either, and I found it to be dull overall. Glass was the next poem that I read, and it was at that time that I realized I may not have an ear for, or easy understanding of poetry. Perhaps this is to be expected since I have always struggled with forming abstract paintings, and I view poetry as the abstract form of writing. The poem Glass is about the author’s speculation that a sparrow has fine variations in it’s vocalizations that have a variety of meanings. While this poem has an interesting theme and uses descriptive language, the final product is rather boring, with no use of rhyming words or humor. The next poem that I read for this assignment was Mechanism. This poem is about the life of goldfinches. It does use descriptive language and has a definite theme. Again, I cannot determine the meter, which in our text is described, “ the number of rhythmic units in a line”,(Sporre, 2015), because there is variation throughout the piece. This poem does tell an interesting story, and I did enjoy reading it. Lastly, I read Love Song as my fifth poem. This was a piece that used rhyming words and humor to describe the author’s husband. I enjoyed this poem the most and felt like it was well written and more entertaining than the rest.

2, I chose Berryman by W.S. Merman, this poem stuck out to me the most. You can analyze the whole poem and it is clearly stating, stop taking for granted what you have and what you may come across because in the end you can lose it all. This is a poem that I feel every generation should read it is powerful and meaningful. When he states “don’t lose your arrogance yet he said you can do that when you’re older lose it too soon and you may merely replace it with vanity” (Merwin, 2006). In my opinion he is telling you just because you have it all now at a young age there is no need to brag, continue to work hard and when it comes your time and you are stable do what you wish. Don’t rub salt in open wounds. One should stay focused and pay attention at all times because what you have now can be gone tomorrow. Upon further research I stumbled across an analysis written by Maria Popova stating that our own culture is obsessed with celebrity and panicked for instant approval, what may begin as a creative piece of work ends up as a “flotsam on the stream of instant ego-gratification”. In my opinion it means that one who is talented and working hard ends up just doing it to be recognized and have “fame” and not doing it because it’s what they love. “The countless counterfeit crowns that come in the form of retweets and likes and best-sellers lists, unmoored from any real measure of artistic value and longevity”. (Popova) How is one to admire their own work if they are always looking for the “likes” and approval elsewhere?

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