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The exam consists of two cases, both of which you must complete.

The first case is worth 80 points and the second case is worth 20 points.

This exam is worth 15% of your final grade for this course.

Though it is a take-home home exam, it is to be completed individually.

Your solution must be submitted on-line through a Word document in Brightspace by the deadline. There are no extensions.

EVIDENCE of plagiarism, copying, etc. will follow University reporting procedures and result in a score of zero.

NOTE: If you feel there is insufficient or incomplete information provided, you may make any reasonably defensible assumptions through either of your analyses. I will also not respond to e-mails seeking direction.

  • Answer both Cases.

Value of questions: Student’s Grade (For Instructor’s use)

Case 1 80 points

Executive Summary 20 points ______

Information gathering 15 points ______

Issues 10 points ______

Recommendations 25 points ______

Implementation Plan 10 points ______ ______

Case 2 20 points

Question 1 6 points ______

Question 2 6 points ______

Question 3 8 points ______ ______

Total 100 ______

CASE 1: (80 points) Poseidon Theatre


You have been hired as a Special Consultant appointed by the Board of Directors to perform an analysis using the following format to address the problems facing Poseidon Theatre.

  • Detailed Analysis. You must analyze the case to arrive at a coherent and insightful view of the organization’s issues and solutions. Spend most of your time analyzing the information from a qualitative perspective. There is little quantitative data supplied, so do not go into too much detail analyzing this aspect.
  • Report Writing. You must organize your findings in a written report that effectively communicates your findings to the Board of Directors beginning with an Executive Summary of your results in memo format.

The balance of the report supporting the Executive Summary, entitled the Analysis Section, should consist of the following:

  • INFORMATION GATHERING – Detail and list the facts provided in the case.
  • ISSUES – Determine the issues suggested by the facts and analyze why you feel they are issues.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – Provide resolutions to the problems explaining why you feel these recommendations will help the organization.
  • IMPLEMENTATION PLAN – Provide a brief analysis of how you plan to implement your recommendations

NOTE: In this case, there is no alternative analysis required. Focus on multiple recommendations with associated detailed reasons.

Your response should focus primarily on the qualitative, not quantitative, factors facing Poseidon.

Be sure that your response is well organized and demonstrates critical thinking skills.

The case begins on the next page

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