Policy Proposal

Policy Proposal

Format: Turn in as a word document, Standard MLA, 12-point Times New Roman, Double Spaced.

You will need to specifically identify the problem you would like to address, the ethical foundations that you are working from and the policy you would like to implement. This last part will require you to provide arguments for why you think this specific policy would address the problem you are working with.

-A thesis that focuses on your proposed solution to the problem

-A description of the problem you are trying to answer, including aspects that make it difficult to solve

-An explanation of the relevant aspects of the ethical theory or theories that you are operating from

– A detailed policy proposal that response to the problem you proposed

– An argument for the policy proposed

-At least one criticism or objection that you anticipate to your proposal, and your response to this objection.

Topic opitions:

Topic: Economic Justice Readings: John Rawls, “Justice as Fairness”; Robert Nozick, “Distributive Justice”

Topic: Civic Participation Readings: Geoffrey Brennan and Loren Lomasky, “Is There a Duty to Vote?”; Jason Brennan, “Polluting the Polls: When Citizens Should Not Vote”

Topic: Equality and Discrimination Readings: Kwame Anthony Appiah, “Racisms”; Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, “Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color”

Topic: Punishment and Incarceration Readings: Angela Y. Davis, “The Prison Industrial Complex”; Ernest Van Den Haag, “The Ultimate Punishment: A Defense”

Topic: Environmental Ethics Readings: Stephen M. Gardiner, “A Perfect Moral Storm: Climate Change, Intergenerational Ethics, and the Problem of Corruption”; Henry Shue, “Deadly Delays, Saving Opportunities: Creating a More Dangerous World?”

Points Possible

Points Earned



Thesis: A critical thesis is stated in the introduction that organizes the paper into a clear framework of how it will respond to the given problem, and it accurately reflects what is presented in the paper.


Problem: Proposal clearly identifies the problem that the policy is responding to, including the aspects that make it a difficult problem to solve.


Ethical Foundation: Proposal provides an explanation of the relevant aspects of the ethical theory or theories that you are operating from.


Policy Proposal and Argument: Proposal gives a detailed policy as a response to the proposed problem, and it provides a strong argument for this policy.


Anticipated Objections: Proposal identifies at least one possible criticism or objection to this policy, and it responds to this objection in a serious manner.


Surface Features and Organization: The paper is free from errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Writing is of an economic style, and the paper is clearly framed by a thesis and clear structure.

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