political science final exam 1


  1. The text categorizes the United States and Great Britain as “liberal market economies”. It categorizes Germany and Japan as “coordinated market economies.” What do those two categories mean? What are the features of the different groups of nations that have categorized them differently? This categorization was made before 2010. Would the categorizations be accurate today? Why/why not. Be sure to consider the distribution of political power at the federal level in the US when giving your answer.
  1. Discuss labor unions. What is their current status in American society? How does their current status reflect the prevailing social compact? How do you account for any changes in the status of unions? Is the current mood regarding unions explicable or, inexplicable, given what you know about government and politics in the United States?
  1. In the section “Business Associations: A Comparative Perspective”, three categories are identified, individualist, associational, corporatist. Identify a country that would fit in each category and explain your choices. Which would you suggest would make the most sense for the US given its politics, economy and society? Explain. Can it be instituted? Why/why not?
  1. It is said that authority in the United States is dispersed and fragmented. What is meant by that statement? Would you say that this fact redounds to the advantage or, disadvantage for US business in trying to affect policy outcomes? In your answer cite a policy problem affecting business to illustrate your point. Explain.
  1. Discuss monetary and fiscal policy. Which would you suggest makes more sense for the US to emphasize today when crafting macroeconomic policy? Explain. Is that the one being emphasized? Why/why not? Again, be sure to consider contemporary politics in providing your response. Give me an example of an aspect of the US economy that will likely be positively affected by the course that you suggest
  1. Discuss the globalization of business activity. What were the circumstances that brought it about? Has the globalization of business activity served as a net positive or negative for US business, in your opinion? Discuss international trade policy and the evolution of the US attitude toward international trade. Explain. Given the views stated in your answers to the two foregoing questions, would you suggest that the US continue with current global trade regime or, endeavor to transform it? Explain.
  1. Discuss subgovernments. Does the Constitution of the United States support them, in your view? Explain, citing relevant Articles and Amendments. When did subgovernments begin to appear? Why? What role did they play in policymaking a century ago? Explain. What happened to bring about a change in their role, if any change has occurred? Which would you suggest has had the more positive impact on problem solving in the United States, the situation today or, that of a century ago? Explain.
  1. After several years of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we are able to make a preliminary assessment of whether or not government or the market are the best problem solving mechanism to address the problems of the uninsured. Which do you choose? Make a constitutional argument for both sides of that debate. Discuss the policy process that likely occurred to bring the ACA about. What is the current stage? What should be next?
  1. Of the declared candidates for the presidency in 2016, which did you believe held a philosophy regarding the preference of public or private means as the most effective problem-solving mechanism, with which you agree? Explain, citing a position that you know that they held on a public policy PROBLEM. Is the position that the two of you hold more constitutional or, unconstitutional? Explain, citing the relevant constitutional provision.
  1. Discuss your term paper topic. You have now had sufficient time to reflect upon it and, to refine your thinking. Discuss your conclusion regarding the best problem-solving mechanism. Discuss the constitutional and legal support for your position. Discuss the claim that can be made on the other side of the debate. Why is your position more persuasive, in your opinion?
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