PollTrack Survey Company System Project Scope Presentation

*** Plagiarism is not acceptable ***

Overview of Project – As part of identifying a case study of my choice with a pertinent information system application. I have selected fictitious company called “Polltrack System “.

Final Tasks

1) Edit the Week 1 project, based on week 3 (use-cases and actors) and also attached week 1 instructions.

2) Edit the Week 2 project, based on week 3 (use-cases and actors) and also attached week 2 instructions.

3) Once Week 1 and 2 projects are updated, combine week 1 to 5 documents into one document and create final project document. (No changes required for week 3 to week 5).

4) And finally a create PPT (min 10 – 12 pages) for final document.

I have attached all week project documents (1 to 5) and also week 1 and week 2 tasks instructions.


  • Research Paper in in APA format. Plagiarism is not acceptable. (Please consider this top priority).
  • For Activity 1 and 2 complete instructions are specified. All instructions or tasks must be addressed.( Try to address all the information specified in each task )
  • Paper must be included APA format References only and in-text citations. The references you cite should be credible, scholarly, or professional sources and Not older than 3 years
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