Practical Assessment

The Practical Assessment – Friday 4th March 2019

Digital managerial strategy for a contemporary media organisation

This is a practical project that asks you to provide a digital strategy for an actual operational media enterprise. The enterprise in question has to be factual. Note that it will not be useful to select a predominantly digital company (ie. Google or Facebook). Rather, seek out a media company that has started to adopt to the digital environment. In the majority of cases, such organisations will have digital plans already in place. It is your job to differentiate from those and tell us what they can do better. This needs to be a plan utilising both strategic and theoretical frameworks discussed on the module as well as your own research into the organization. Think of this as a calling card into entering the world of media management and showing potential employers your knowledge and skills.

This assignment has two components:

  1. Draft of the strategic plan – you will need to present the plan in an allocated seminar (weeks 3-7) and discuss the outline and intervention of your work in a presentatation lasting no longer than 8 minutes.
  2. Published component (1200 word report which should also include images, illustrations, and other supplementary material)
  3. The Basics:plan must be based on original research
  4. Basis for all your assessments for the module
  5. Provide original data and analysis
  6. Need to contextualise with reading


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